Find Plugins Installed on a WordPress Site


As a site maintainer, I can’t stop myself from paying heed to other websites I visit. Studying them in a meticulous way and with the help of browser extensions such as Wappalyser this job becomes even more funny. Just today, I was  visiting a website that has something very interesting on its sidebar. A widget […]

Suspend a Process in Windows


Just the other day, I was installing the latest Visual Studio with Update (Update 3) using the web installation file I obtained from MSDN. Needless to say that the installation was using my network bandwidth up to 75%. It didn’t bother me until I had to download something else that somewhat was more important that […]

Replace, Move and Edit Protected Files in Windows


There are various occasions where you might want or need to replace some files in Windows that are system protected. For example, replacing a corrupted system file or if you are among those who like to edit Windows Shell resources and other files because they think the de facto personalization settings isn’t enough. Anyway, tinkering […]

Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 – Big Data Analytics with HDInsight


On the 16th April 2016, was held the biggest worldwide Azure conference called the Global Azure Bootcamp (GAB). It was organised in Mauritius by the Microsoft Student Partners (MSP), a community of students passionate about technology how wants to stand out and help shape the I.T world of tomorrow which I am myself part of […]

Backup Script for Windows


If you are running a web server under Windows, chances are that you need to backup your website regularly. So instead of doing the copy process manually, some server Administrators prefer to write a script that automates the backup operation. A friend has recently asked me to make a backup script for his server and […]

Setting up a local web server on Windows and Linux


Those into web development would agree with me that having a local web server set up on your own computer is very useful and essential. Especially if you are using a scripting language  such a PHP, then you’ll definitely need a local  server with the PHP interpreter installed. Secondly, having a local server happens to […]

Switching to Windows Mobile Platform


Last December, I decided to ditch my Android phone for a Lumia Smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile. It wasn’t an easy decision even though I’m a Windows supporter and Microsoft fan. In fact, I pondered on the question for a few weeks before convincing myself that a Windows powered smartphone is what I need. One […]

Resilient Windows Vulnerability (Logon Screen StickyKeys Hack)


During the Windows XP era, a well known vulnerability known as the “StickyKeys hack” was exploited by attackers in order to unlawfully access a computer and gain high-privileged access. This type of exploitation allows an attacker to act as the “NT Authority System”. This special and very powerful account has all the rights over the whole […]