Intelligent System Scripting Language (ISSL) - Introductory Presentation

Intelligent System Scripting Language (ISSL) - Introductory Presentation

The Developer’s Conference has been a big and a memorable event for me and the J.C.P Laboratory. It is first time since the beginning  of its development in 2014 that the Intelligent System Scripting Language (ISSL) has been reveal to the public. Though I did wrote about it in a blog post last year, but it was never revealed to such extent.

Everything started a month before when Chervine Bhiwoo one of the two Microsoft MVPs in Mauritius contacted me asking if I would be interested to present ISSL at DevCon this year. I should admit that even though the idea was temping, I hesitated. In fact, the core components of the technology itself is still in its early stage of development so what will we show to people over there thought I. But it didn’t took much to get me convinced and the preparations started the same week.

First thing to do when you have to present a topic of concept at a public event is to plan your ideas well. That’s what I did. Based on the paper that I have submitted to the Developer’s Conference organizers, I made a plan and structured my ideas to make sure it corresponds to my project plans and to the ideas that I want to put forward. Now that content was ready, It was time to prepare the slides. This part took most of the preparation time! More or less two weeks were spent on finding the right words to explain the concepts, prepare animation to help understand them and of course to cater for the right timings because you wouldn’t like your presentation to finish in just 15 minutes of your 1 hour allocated time.

Lastly, came the time for rehearsals! That’s my favorite part of the whole presentation process. In the beginning, I was planning on doing the presentation alone but one of my friends; Akshay Pokhun decided to join-in the project so he was automatically made co-presenter. So after some Hangouts, Skype and face-to-face rehearsals we were finally ready.

D-Day came and it was on a bright Saturday morning that we presented our concept for ISSL. It’s unbelievable how time flies when you are presenting before an audience. Especially when you see the approving face of the audience as you are presenting. This gives this sense of satisfaction and well-doing. The presentation was at the same fun and instructive in both direction. The attendees love our ideas so much that at the end of Q/A and the presentation people were surrounding us still asking about ISSL while others even took our contact details.

This experience reassured me and refueled my motivation to top!

Did you missed our introductory session about ISSL?

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Intelligent System Scripting Language – Conceptual Presentation from Cédric Poottaren