JSECoin - Monetize Your Website Using Cryptocurrency

JSECoin - Monetize Your Website Using Cryptocurrency

I recently received a marketing email for a new product called JSECoin.

This new crytocurrency claims to be aiming to help webmasters and website owners make revenue online without harassing users with the so-well known and unwanted web ads and pop-ups.

Basically, whats it doing here is using Users’ browsers and processing power to mine for JSECoin, which  value, based on its pre-ico sales is 1 USD per JSECoin.

However, while this seems to be holding potential for an entirely new way of making money online, well at least for website owners, there might be some security concerns. I remember reading an article about a popular bit-torrent website which was using this very same technique to mine Bitcoin, a very popular Crypto. Since then, security software have been flagging these websites. JSECoin’s website, claims that their services have been white-listed by major security software. The email states the following AVs:

  • Kaspersky
  • Symantec
  • Bitdefender

While these are among some of the well-known anti-viruses, I decided to check for myself. While running Kaspersky Total Security with Web Protection enabled, searching Google for JSECoin reveals the following:

While Kaspersky doesn’t block be from visiting JSECoin’s website, it’s still being flagged as malicious. What does this means for us? Does this means that this whole thing is just a scam? Not necessarily. Still, this is just their website, I can’t state whether using their API on your own website will flag it as malicious too. Furthermore, JSECoin appears to be having a strong community.

Whether or not to use this service is entirely your now risk I would say. Run some tests, read about users currently using it and then jump into it if you feel confident.

When it comes to integration, the process is very seamless and easy. Head over to the developers website, create an account and then all you have to do in inject a small snippet into your webpages. A WordPress plugin is even available for those using this platform.



Cédric P.