Xamarin Dev Days 2016 - Mauritius

Xamarin Dev Days 2016 - Mauritius

First of its kind event in Mauritius, Xamarin Dev Days, was held at Flying Dodo conference hall at Bagatelle Mauritius last Saturday. The event was a huge success! No surprise though since the event was organised by the only two renowned Microsoft Most Valuable Professional of Mauritius: Jochen and Chevine and was supported by the whole local Microsoft Student Partners folks of which I am a proud member myself.

Xamarin Dev Days Mauritius
Xamarin Dev Days at Flying Dodo, Bagatelle, Mauritius

Since this is a global event, Xamarin Dev Days is still as at date, being hosted in more than 60 countries over the world. The aim of this gathering is to get the mobile apps developers’ community “hands-on learning experiance” according to Jayme Singleton, the Community Manager at Xamarin.

On this island in the middle of the Indian Ocean however, Xamarin Dev Days had a wonderful kickoff through the welcoming speech from Jochen and then it was Alexandre Bazile who kickstarted the program by doing an Overviewing Introduction to Xamarin.

In case you missed Alex’s talk, here’s an extract from my notes:

The presentation was about:

  • Xamarin Silo Approach
  • Shared C# Mobile Core
    • Windows API
    • Integration
    • Simulators
  • Xamarin Studio for Mac OS
  • Code Sharing Strategies
  • Platform Specific Code
  • Demo

Alex’s presentation was a real blowout. No wonder, the ten minutes break that came just after was necessary!

After having an strenghthening strong coffee, we were ready for another round. Next was, our most talented MSPs: Hansynee and Vidush. Their presentation was focused on Xamarin Forms.

Here’s my note extract:

  • Xamarin Forms
    • Shared UI Library
    • Apps Layout
    • Controls
    • Platform Customization
    • Demo

Okay people, unfortunately that will all I will cover in detail since  I had to sneak out early.

So the program continued with another presentation and then we had the hands-on lab session which was assisted by the MSPs.

Xamarin Dev Days was a wonderful experience and full of insights. I am sincerely looking forward to it next year.