Data Analytics with R - Developer's Conference 2017

Data Analytics with R - Developer's Conference 2017

The developer’s Conference claims to be the biggest I.T event in Mauritius with quite rightness. It was a three days event that took place at Voila Hotel, Bagatelle, Moka – Mauritius. The event regrouped tech experts, students and as well as enthusiasts. It was with great pleasure that I took part of the event this year.

The first thing you’d want to do if you are going to present at these kind of event is to find a proper topic and some peers to present alongside of you. Well, along with two Microsoft Student Partners namely Akshay Pokhun and Sheekah Beeharry, we decided to present some of the Data Analytics Techniques using a well-known programming language among mathematicians called R.

The core content of our presentation:

  1. We used the YELP Dataset as data source.
  2. Discussed on the analytics techniques that can used:
    1. Stanford Natural Language Processing
    2. Stemming
    3. Common Word Removal
    4. Microsoft Text Analytics
  3. Extract only the information (data) we need from the datasets.
  4. K-means Clustering
  5. Demos (Mastered by Akshay)

Here is our slide:

Data Analytics using R with Yelp Dataset from Cédric Poottaren (Copyright Akshay Pokhun)