Welcome to J.C.P Laboratory's Blog

Hello folks,

Welcome to the J.C.P Laboratory’s Blog.

I am Cédric Poottaren, an independent software developer living in the wonderful island of Mauritius somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Its has been a while ago since I am off in the blogging world so today I am back, back to posting my regular how-tos and tutorials, creating and documenting software as I used to do in my old blogs. [1]

Furthermore, I will also focus on the trend of I.T and its related issues in Mauritius.

During the last two weeks, I have joined two fantastic group namely the Mauritian Internet Users and the Linux User Group of Mauritius where I have met (I mean at least digitally) enthusiasts, developers and I.T passionate.

I will cover from time to time some hot topic and debate we have discussed in these groups.

Moreover, as I am and will always be a Microsoft Enthusiast, I will continue to feed this blog with my views about the latest features Microsoft adds to Windows and its products and we will see together how can we implement those in the local and global context.

Wait no.. I am no neglecting Linux. We’ll cover about FOSS too 🙂

Hope to see you buzz in the comments.





[1] http://cedric-poottaren.blogspot.com